Located on the River Danube, the small capital of Slovakia is safe, friendly, hassle-free and there is always something worth doing.

The historical center is crowded with cafes and restaurants of various types, romantic terraces, and promenades where your groups can walk, shop, dine and relax. Benefiting from a great location in central Europe, groups can easily access it in a day or two from Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

What do we offer in Bratislava?

Below are some examples of events that are popular in Bratislava that we feel provide a great experience. Each group program is always tailored to the group according to the purpose of visit and the needs of the customers.

An afternoon city tour in Old Town

The beautiful churches, town walls, palaces and other historical buildings, and additionally local and international shops will compel your groups to walk around the iconic district with our local Nordic speaking guide.

Meeting humorous statues on the city’s streets

One of the less usual ways to learn about Bratislava and the Slovak sense of humor is a short walk to see different humorous symbolic bronze statues which are lying and hanging on the roads.

A walking tour to the dominating skyline - Bratislava castle

A castle on a small hill in the shadows of the Subcarpathians, the large rectangular castle building commands attention from the city below. Your groups will be rewarded for the short uphill hike with spectacular views over the Danube and Bratislava’s Old Town.

Halušky, wine or other delicacies

We provide clients with a gourmet experience of „halušky“, or a plate full of meat and a selection of cheeses. We have a list of top traditional and modern pubs which are worth visiting ready for your groups.

Boat trip to Devin Castle

Devin is considered among the country’s key historical sites and offers a beautiful view of the confluence of the Danube and Moravia rivers. Located about 10 kilometers outside the center the castle is accessible by bus or a cruise boat with our guides on a one-day trip.