The Czech Republic is a small country that’s known for its long and rich history, hundreds of castles, variety in nature, locally brewed beers and a wide range of cultural events.

What do we offer in the Czech Republic?

Below are some examples of events that are popular in the Czech Republic that we feel provide a great experience. Each group program is always tailored to the group according to the purpose of visit and the needs of the customers.

One of a number of beautiful castles

The historic center with Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town and Jewish Quarter is the worlds largest historic city center on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We provide city tours with local guides that tell you stories you will not find in the guidebooks.

The fairytale town of Český Krumlov

A small town on the Vltava River with a beautiful large castle and exceptionally preserved medieval town center is poetically called ‘the Gate to the Šumava mountains’. The trip can be done in two days and combined with other interesting sights on the way.

Karlovy Vary (Carslbad) and its rich spa culture

The popular spa destination for senior groups is best known for its 12 natural hot springs, which offer lots of health benefits. The thirteenth spring, Becherovka liqueur, is produced in the local distillery. We prepare complete wellness stays or one-day trips from Prague.

Kutná Hora and the impressive Ossuary

A small and historically significant town where many monuments are associated with silver mining in the middle ages. The Sedlec Ossuary is a 15th-century chapel, where everything is constructed from human bones. We can organize an exclusive candlelit night tour with a guide dressed as a monk followed by a concert in the cathedral. This is a perfect destination for a one-day trip from Prague.

Terezin Concentration Camp

An important historical sight often visited by student or veteran groups. Visitors can see and enter the original quarters and cells where prisoners lived temporarily before they were shipped to Auschwitz. Terezin is less than an hour away from Prague.

Czech breweries and beer culture

The first documented brewing dates back as far as the year 993! The country also produced the world’s first pilsner, still sold under the brand Pilsner Urquell. Original Budweiser comes also from the Czech Republic. Many Czech breweries organize tours with tasting and we include it in client programs.