If you are interested in visiting a country with a rich history, unique traditions, tasty food, magical castles, and mountain peaks soaring over 2,000 meters, Slovakia offers an off-the-beaten-track tourist experience that will both surprise and delight visitors.

What do we offer in Slovakia?

Below are some examples of events that are popular in Slovakia that we feel provide a great experience. Each group program is always tailored to the group according to the purpose of visit and the needs of the customers.

Spectacular skiing with prices

Slovakia has more than 100 ski resorts ready to welcome all levels in the High and Low Tatras and as well as other mountains. We provide accommodations and other necessary services ensuring comfortable group holidays.

Mountain accommodation with hiking tours

Around 80 % of Slovakia lies more than 800 meters above sea level! Slovakia offers many hiking trails for all levels of tourists. We provide tours with local guides and beautiful views with 100 high-altitude lakes and a collection of waterfalls.

Bask Slovakian spa centers

Several mineral thermal springs which can be used for relaxation and medical treatment provide curative water from beneath the ground in Slovakia. We prepare complete wellness stays or one-day trips to Piešťany or Trenčianske Teplice.

Encounter unique folk traditions

Slovakia’s unique identity as a nation is highlighted by its strong folk traditions. We offer one day-trips from Bratislava to the first-ever folk architecture reservation in the world –  Čičmany or other reservations close to Bratislava.

A trip to Spiš Castle with beautiful views

No visit to Slovakia is complete without climbing the ramparts of the largest fortified castle in Central Europe dating back to the 12th century with an outstanding view of the High Tatras mountain range. It can be easily done on a one-day trip from Bratislava.