20 Dec

Tjek-in Travel became a member of PLUS DMC Group

PLUS DMC Group is a network of owner-managed DMC’s with extensive experience in their respective destinations. The mission is to gather the top European DMC’s specializing in the Nordic markets; working together in order to become the very best DMC’s for our clients. To achieve common goals and constantly improve services for the benefit of Nordic clients, the members share information, resources and ‘Best Practice’ in the fields of sales, marketing and operation.

All members share the same values and principles as well.  Each partner in PLUS DMC Group has a unique approach to Destination Management and they are convinced that by sharing this information, we all can become better for our clients. Providing personal service and creative solutions; understanding the Nordic way and mentality and much more, each partner in PLUS DMC Group has a unique approach to arranging a flawless and perfectly managed program every time.

If you would like to learn more about PLUS DMC and its members and our partners in different destinations, check the website: www.plusdmc.com.

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